Knowledge Article Vs KB Record

Dynamics CRM, after its recent association to Parature, has come up with a new entity called Knowledge Base Record. The name of this new entity is very similar to the legacy Knowledge Article entity which has always existed in Dynamics CRM for its native knowledge management functionality. Sometimes these similar names can cause confusion and we may end up linking the wrong entity/relationship. This post will help you in distinguishing and locating each of these entities.


Let us take the example of Case entity. If you explore the Case entity, you will see that it is provisioned to link to both the Native Knowledge Base and Parature.

Relationship Name   Linking Entity Type Purpose
knowledgearticle_incidents KnowledgeArticle Incident 1  to Many For linking a Native KB article to a case
incidentknowledgebaserecord KB Record Many to Many For linking Parature KB articles to a case


Knowledge Articles are normally located in the middle composite grid, whereas KB Records are found under an associated view called Linked KB Articles


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